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Shapes and Composition by the Pool

Searching for inspiration can be challenging. Some days it comes easy, but most, I struggle. We opened the pool for summer on Tuesday. We figured it desperately needed some TLC because of the recent remodel. Feeling somewhat uninspired, I took the opportunity to snap some images focusing on shapes and composition. I went hunting for inspiration from what I observed.

Manassas, VA 2023

I pick up a camera and become hopeful every single time. The energy and anticipation I feel while holding a camera do get to my head. Suddenly I'm flush with performance anxiety, hindering my ability to warm into shooting. But what does that mean? It's energizing. I'm charged and ready to shoot. However, my anxiety about producing lingers. The image resulted from my fighting the urge to move on because of impatience. I wanted the reflection in the pool to cast a better shape. Snap after snap, I wasn't capturing it and almost scrapped it. However, I waited. I snapped some more, and VOILA! I'm happy.

Manassas, VA 2023

Manassas, VA 2023

While reflecting on why that might be, I thought the best is a delusion. In a world with incredible variety, why would there be a best? That pressure is crippling, and it's all self-imposed. I'm suddenly reminded of the answer to the old question: How do you get into Carnegie Mellon? Practice, practice, practice. These last images were like detail shots, I suppose. Shapes and textures that interest me.

Manassas, VA 2023

The light outside on a clear day presents many opportunities to observe the shadows. This was exciting. I continued to work this space the following day and found additional shots I hadn't seen. I believe I will continue this exploration of the pool and yard through shapes and composition.

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