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Natural Light Street Portraits - Denzel

a young man sitting on a park bench with his backpack and holding a camera

I like natural light portraits, especially street portraits. I am particularly interested in street photography, even though I love studio work. I believe it's less about the controlled atmosphere and more about a feeling of reality. It's real life happening in front of me, and I'm capturing a moment frozen forever. You never know what you'll find.

I have been known to get in my head over natural light portraits and for no good reason. It just means it takes me a wee bit longer to warm up and find a groove. That can be challenging because that inner voice, my mind, tells me I'm missing something, or I'm just unable to find the right composition. And let's not forget that now I have to pull something out of the model because, well, it's expected. In reality, it's all in my head. Just my mind working against me. Fortunately, there's a solution - keep shooting!

a young man wearing a backpack leans against a wall holding a camera. He looks off camera.

While out on a walk with Naomi, I had a chance meeting with Denzel in Old Towne Manassas. He yelled to me from the other side of the street about my camera, which sparked a conversation. That conversation eventually turned into meeting up for coffee and a photo walk. I got to know a little about Denzel and his interests. We talked shop while we walked and snapped off some frames. He's got a solid eye for composition and moments and a passion for learning. That's really all anyone ever needs.

A serious headshot of a young male looking at the camera.

I love meeting fellow creatives and learning what makes them tick. It invigorates me and inspires me to create more. Here's to all the creatives!


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