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Moments in Old Towne Manassas

The day started off beautifully. Naomi and I walked into Old Towne this morning for her hair appointment. While she was tied up, I walked around with my camera to see what I could see.

It turned out to be a heck of a day. From scenes in a coffee shop to the shapes of buildings, I tried to keep my process simple and basic. Typically, I hope for just one or two keepers, no matter how long I'm out. But for whatever reason, I walked away with more solid images than I expected today.

I found myself slowing down more each time I go out now by focusing on all the basics. This really allows for more creativity, I think. For example, keeping my camera on aperture priority lets me capture a starting point. Then I select the shutter speed I want, adjust the aperture, reframe, and snap the shot. I have to say, this way of shooting reduced the anxiety of capturing something the first time you lift the camera to your eye. The result is that my images feel a bit more thoughtful and purposeful.

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